Packing up & Moving Out

With our maiden voyage complete, our full attention has turned to getting the house packed up and tying up loose ends. Originally, we had planned to leave for our four month trip in mid-May but with the COVID19 pandemic we’ve had to be flexible with our plans. Every day we get online to check out the National Park Service website to keep tabs on which parks are closed, which are open, and which are planning to open back up. We’re also keeping a close eye on which states are on lock-down and which are open or in the process of opening back up, as well as any COVID19 hotpots. Although we’re eager to start our trip, we also wanted to be safe and leave when the time was right. Finally, during the 3rd week of May it started looking like parks and states were beginning to open back up. We scheduled the pod delivery and got to packing!

We’ve downsized a lot over the years with all of the moving we’ve gone. And still, with every move I’m always amazed at how much stuff we have. (I honestly don’t have knickknacks anymore because I got tired of moving them.) We decided to order ONE Upack Relo-cube, a 6x7x8 cube, to move with. Just one. We agreed to only pack things that we use, things that we would miss (or that bring us joy as Marie Kondo would say), and things that were worth it financially to move (i.e. the couch). We loaded up the RV with our essentials for the trip and gave away or sold everything else. Despite a few triaged items, we’re happy with what made it.

The pod was picked up a couple of days later and the house was cleaned. Seeing the house empty hit home for us. We were leaving Delaware, where we had spent the last 10 years, and were starting a new chapter of our lives. With the keys handed over we headed out of Delaware to start our epic trip out west!