Maiden Voyage RV Trip

Well, our first test trip is in the books. We did a dry run at the KOA in Coatesville, PA.  Originally, we’d planned to have a couple of trips under our belt by now but covid had other plans. C’est la vie. The roads coming in were very curvy, so we got some practice for driving in the mountains out west. 🙂

This being our very first trip, we were unsure of how to check in or where to park the ‘rig’ when we went inside. Check in ended up being  a breeze.  An employee led us to our spot and helped us back in. YES, our first site was a back in! It ended up being fairly easy to get into and just like that, we had made it!

When you arrive at a campsite there are few things you need to do. According to the many YouTube videos we watched, you take a walk around where you parked to make sure everything has space to do its thing. That the slide has enough room to expand out, the steps to the front door aren’t blocked, and that all of your hookups will reach. Next, you level from side to side and put chocks under the wheels. Unhitching the RV is next. That’s where we had our first hiccup! We pulled away with the 7-pin trailer plug (gives power to the trailer & brakes) still attached. Luckily, no damage was done but we decided we need a checklist for arrival & departure! We leveled again (side to side & back to back) and hooked up water, sewer, and electric.

We made tacos and watched Total Wipe Out. I made banana bread in the morning to test out the oven. Yum. Packing up camp took us about 45 min. I’m sure we’ll get faster at it. All in all a great first trip!